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LEGIO I ITALICA is a cultural and experimental archeology association borned in 2001, as a branch of GAV (Archaeological group of Villadose) headquartered in Villadose (Rovigo). The project was realized in the annual event called “market of Roman Century”, during which still relive uses, customs and traditions of the Roman Republic and Imperial. The beginning of our activities was represented by the ceremony of allocation of land to veterans centuriata, but only with Corrado Perelli, current President of the Association, Legio I Italica began to diversify and develop themes and aspects of the life of the Roman Legionary, attracting the interest of a growing number of enthusiasts. Strategy, tactics, camps, armament, equipment, Training and fighting are a breeding ground for more in-depth studies and experiments. Issues purely martial alongside the anthropological aspects that complement the universe legionary, in their multiple facets: religion, tradition, medicine, customs and traditions accompany visitors on an adventurous journey back in time. Educational activities increasingly articulated began to enrich our releases and to know the LEGIO I ITALICA, with legionnaires commits to camp life, exercises, preside over religious ceremonies and military – all in strict compliance with philology and historical sources, exciting field of research and inspiration for our reconstruction activities and experimentation, sometimes to convey to the visitor something more. The meeting with prestigious groups of historical re-enactment of environment Celtic gave way to LEGIO I ITALICA of experience on the field as studied and researched, while creating a corridor between two worlds culturally opposite but coexisting, both in history and in the re-enactment. Gushed important collaborations, one for all the prestigious group of Experimental Archaeology touta Taurini, which consolidated over time continue to give important fruits, ranging from joint participation in historical events at national and international television coverage for the network RAI and other Italian and foreign. Today LEGIO I ITALICA represents an important point of reference for lovers of re-enactment and Roman Military History. The passion for the history of Rome, the desire to experience firsthand the life of Legionnaires on the battlefield, during marches or in the castrum, muster under the Eagle of our Legion fans from all over Italy and now also from abroad. The diversity of the group, he sees people collaborate and share experiences of the most diverse walks of life, It is a strength of our Association, constantly engaged in research and development of new trials, ideas, proposals and projects related to the universe legionary, with a work in which we are now projected in the international.